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Computer Fundamentals and Uses of Computer

In today’s technological age, the trend of computers is increasing day by day. Computers have made many of our tasks easier, such as printing a document, typing, shopping, online payment, etc.

Basic Computer Fundamentals

What is Computer? What is a computer in Hindi, How does a computer work? Its advantages – Disadvantages and use of computers.
What is Computer?
A computer is a device that is powered by electricity or we can say that a computer is an electronic device, it is such a modern device, which completes many of our tasks very fast and easily. Most people are using computers in their daily lives. The word computer is derived from the Latin word “compute” which means, a calculable machine or program machine, without a program, a computer cannot do anything.
It accepts and stores the data as input, processing the input data and produces output in a required format.

What is the use of computer?

Business – Some areas of business are changing very fast with the use of computers, they are using sales and marketing, retailing, banking, stock trading etc.
Also, it is being used in calculating payroll and managing employee data.
Banking – Today, banking is almost entirely dependent on computers, the bank is giving us a lot of facilities,
Such as online accounting facility, which includes checking the current balance, making deposits and overdrafts, checking interest charges, shares and trustee records.
ATM machines that are fully automated are making it easier for customers to deal with banks, by using all these features the customer saves their time and
One can avail banking facility through internet.
Education – Computer has completely changed the education system, there are many schools, colleges and institutes which are using computers to educate students.
The graph of the number of students learning computer education from computer education is continuously increasing.
Healthcare – Computer is a very important contributor to the field of medicine, it is used to investigate various diseases in the hospital and to save patients,
Nowadays, computers are also being used to perform surgeries.
Computers are used to check drug labels, expiry dates, harmful health effects, etc. in medicine.
Computerized machines are also used for ECG, EEG, ultrasound and CT scan etc.
Government – Computer technology is being used in government departments, government employees save all the data in the computer, and it is safe,
That data is obtained with one click, and it does not take much time to work.
Creating any type of ID has been made very easy by computers. Computers are also being used in Sales Tax and Income Tax Department.
At home – Nowadays computer is being used more and more in homes, using it we can prepare the budget of the house,
You can do office work from home, students can do their homework, as well as watch movies, listen to songs and play games on the computer.

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