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Government Jobs vs. Private Jobs: Difference between Government Jobs and Private Jobs

“Is a government job better than a private job?” – This is a very common question among those who have just completed their studies and looking for a job. They are often confused about whether they should do a government job or a private job as they are about to start a new journey in their career. While most government jobs involve a lengthy, step-by-step recruitment process where candidates are shortlisted on the basis of a written test and an interview round, private sector jobs tend to be a little less cumbersome as candidates move on. If their skills and previous work experience match the company’s need for a role, they may be interviewed or hired after several rounds of interviews. There is a lot of difference between government and private jobs, which is why most people get confused when it comes to choosing a career between private sector and government sector jobs.

In this article, we will compare the pros and cons of both types of jobs, to help you understand which one is better for you.

Difference between government job and private job Why government job is better than private job? questions to ask difference between government job and private job Before we start talking about the difference between government and private job, keep a few things in mind. The first and most important thing is that you must have a broad outlook which will help you to get more opportunities in your way. Don’t focus on just one sector. By doing this you will miss out on some of the wonderful opportunities that other job sectors can provide. You are young with a lot of time, do a little experimentation before finally deciding whether you are going for a government job or a private job. Now, to help you understand which is the better option between government and private sector job, we have listed some points here, which explains the difference in detail.

Salary: This is the main reason why students go for private jobs. Government jobs may be providing slightly less salary than private jobs, but they provide much better benefits. Salary increases are standardized in government jobs but they are annual in private jobs. Also, check out some of the highest paying private jobs in India

Recruitment: Private jobs have consultants who hire employees for them who complete the initial phase of the entire recruitment process. However, government job vacancies are announced publicly on websites and newspapers so that more and more people can apply for them.

Login Time: Government jobs have fixed working hours which help you to plan your day to make government jobs better than private jobs. On the other hand, in private jobs, you have flexible timings, which means you have to complete your work at no cost and stay in the office for a fixed number of hours, no matter what time you come.

Job Security: This is a major concern. There is zero job security in private jobs whereas government jobs provide you 100% job security. If you have not forged your documents to get the job, your job will be terminated. This is the reason why government job is better than private one.

Holidays and Holidays: Private jobs have limited number of holidays while the government sector does not allow its employees to work on government holidays, which increases the number of holidays. Perks: The private sector offers foreign travel, onsite job offers and much more while the government sector provides pensions, medical facilities, concessions in availing loans, etc.

Competition: There are caste-based reservations in government jobs and almost all eligible apply for the vacancy which increases the competition. In private jobs, either you are referred by a counselor or a friend which means less competition.

Working pressure: The working pressure is almost the same in both the regions. It is distributed equally in government offices, whereas in private jobs it depends on your past contribution.

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