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How to Prepare for MPPSC | MPPSC Prelims Preparation

If you are preparing for MPPSC government exams or want to start, then you have come to the right place because on this page we have shared all the information about MPPSC exam preparation. This is a very important government exam for the candidates who are preparing for sarkari naukri.

Madhya Pradesh government releases new recruitment every year for the posts of MPPSC. There is a golden opportunity every year for the unemployed candidates by the Madhya Pradesh government. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has issued a notification for the eligible candidates for recruitment.
In this post, complete information about the MPSC exam has been extended to you. You will be able to know well about the Syllabus of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission and prepare for MPPSC on this basis. You will definitely get success. Let’s now read the information of the Mppsc exam in detail. Before turning the preparation of the MPPSC exam MPSC exam, you must have all the information about the MPPSC exam.
MPPSC exams are completed in three steps and we will have to detail the information of the Syllabus of the three steps below
1. MPPSC Prelims Exam
2. MPPSC Mains Exam
3. MPPSC Interview

1. MPPSC Prelims Exam

MPPSC In the preliminary examination, two papers have two papers of general studies and general interest. Both papers consists of 200 numbers and for each paper, you get 2 hours time. This is your first ladder to be passed in MPPSC Exam and if you find this examination then your MPPSC prelims are the second paper check of the Syllabus for the preparation of this paper. If you pass the first paper in the general practice of MPPSC, then your second paper check is in which you have to get at least 33% number.

2. MPPSC Mains Exam

State Service Chief Examination (Madhya Pradesh State Services Mains Examination) There are 6 questions papers – GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4, General Hindi, and essay writing.
GS1, GS2, GS3, question papers are of 300 numbers and the papers of GS4, are of 200 numbers and general Hindi question papers are of 200 numbers Essay writing question papers are 100 numbers if all the numbers are added. Then the total integer becomes 1400 numbers.

3. Interview

After passing the main examination and the preliminary examination, your INTERVIEW is taken which only candidates who pass both the examinations get the chance to appear in the interview.
The total number in the interview is 175.If you get 175 numbers in your interview then you will be selected 100%.
The total marks required in the State Services Main Examination (Madhya Pradesh State Services Mains Examination) is 1575.

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