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Importance of English in India

Human being is only creature who can speak. Human can talk. He can use a language. He can express his emotion by words. No any other living being got this gift from the God. We are with a difference. There is no one like us. We live in family. Families make society. Societies make village or town or city. Cities make state. States make country. And countries make the world. We, human are ruling on earth and one of the reason is language. We are able to communicate.
In today’s context English has become the backbone of progress. It is a widely spoken language. To my mind English is being used by all the nations. It is the common language among all the countries in the world. So it is truly an international language. It has that much value because it easy. But ironically many people consider it a difficult and tough language. See, Hindi has about fifty letters but English has only twenty six. It means it is half difficult in comparison to Hindi. In other words you can say that it is double easy than Hindi.
In our surroundings when someone speaks English he is considered an intelligent person. It shows status symbol. English has become a prestige issue. In offices all want to talk in English because it is an official language. That’s why all the entrance tests, interviews, group discussions and seminars are conducted in English only. Job providers prefer those candidates who can speak fluent English. Many interviewees suffer insult at the hands of interviewer when they are not able to reply. It has become job seekers first need. Many times we have to look down due to lack of communication skill. We people feel embarrassment for not using quality words. So we should try to improve our vocabulary every day. We must know that it’s a learning process. You must realize that when you are unable to speak English you feel yourself helpless, regretful, and handicapped and fish out of water.
If we talk about women they are carrying out dual duties now days. Most of the ladies are now working and they have to manage both their family and their offices/workplaces too. In such situations if they can’t talk frankly they have to suffer. Mothers these days go to their children’s school to attend teacher-parents meeting. To make kids able all send them in English medium schools. It is the place where they either keep silence or speak in English.
India is a multi-lingual country. 29 states are there, more than 15 regional languages are there, various food and clothe habits are there. While living in India if you can’t speak English, what else would you do? You have only two options- either learn all the regional languages or make English easy for you. What would you choose? I don’t think that it is difficult to choose.

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