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Regular Verbs List with Hindi Meaning

Regular verbs are verbs that follow a predictable pattern when they are conjugated in different tenses. In English, regular verbs form their past simple tense and past participle by adding the suffix “-ed” to the base form of the verb. For example:

Here is a complete list of more than 700 regular verbs and their different forms with Hindi meaning.

S. No. Base Form Hindi Meaning Past Form Past Participle Form
1 abash शर्मिंदा करना abashed abashed
2 abate दूर करना abated abated
3 absorb  अवशोषण करना absorbed absorbed
4 accept स्वीकार करना accepted accepted
5 accompany साथ आना accompanied accompanied
6 ache तकलीफ़ देना ached ached
7 achieve प्राप्त करना achieved achieved
8 acquire  अर्जित करना acquired acquired
9 act अधिनियम acted acted
10 add  जोड़ना added added
11 address  संबोधित करना addressed addressed
12 adjust  समायोजन adjusted adjusted
13 admire  प्रशंसा करना admired admired
14 admit  मान लेना admitted admitted
15 advise  सलाह देना advised advised
16 afford  कर पाना afforded afforded
17 agree  सहमत होना  agreed agreed
18 allow  आज्ञा देना allowed allowed
19 animate  सजीव करना animated animated
20 announce  घोषणा करना  announced announced
21 answer  जवाब देना answered answered
22 apologize  क्षमा मांगना apologized apologized
23 appear  दिखाई पड़ना appeared appeared
24 applaud  सराहना करना applauded applauded
25 apply  आवेदन करना applied applied
26 approach  पहुँचना approached approached
27 approve  स्वीकृति देना approved approved
28 argue  बहस करना argued argued
29 arrange  व्यवस्थित करना arranged arranged
30 arrest गिरफ्तार करना arrested arrested
31 ask  पूछना asked asked
32 assert अधिकार जताना  asserted asserted
33 assort छांटना  assorted assorted
34 astonish चकित करना astonished astonished
35 attack आक्रमण attacked attacked
36 attend उपस्थित होना  attended attended
37 attract  आकर्षित करना attracted attracted
38 audit लेखा परीक्षण करना audited audited
39 avoid  टालना avoided avoided
40 bang जोर से मारना  banged banged
41 banish  निर्वासित करना banished banished
42 bash  भिड़ना bashed bashed
43 bat बल्लेबाजी करना batted batted
44 beautify  सुंदर बनाना beautified beautified
45 beg  विनती करना begged begged
46 behave  बर्ताव करना behaved behaved
47 believe  विश्वास करना believed believed
48 belong सम्बन्ध रखना belonged belonged
49 betray  धोखा देना betrayed betrayed
50 bless आशिर्वाद देना blessed blessed
51 blossom  फूलना blossomed blossomed
52 blur  धुंधला करना blurred blurred
53 blush  शरमाना  blushed blushed
54 board  में चढना boarded boarded
55 boast  डींग मारना boasted boasted
56 boil  गरम करना boiled boiled
57 bow  झुकना bowed bowed
58 box  संदूक में रखना boxed boxed
59 bray कर्कश स्वर में हँसना brayed brayed
60 breathe  श्वास लेना breathed breathed
61 brush  झाडू  brushed brushed
62 bury  दफ़न करना buried buried
63 buzz गूँज buzzed buzzed
64 calculate  गणना करना calculated calculated
65 call  बुलाना called called
66 canvass  पक्ष प्रचार करना canvassed canvassed
67 capture गिरफ्तार करना captured captured
68 caress  प्यार से स्पर्श करना caressed caressed
69 carry  उठाना carried carried
70 carve  तराशना carved carved
71 cash   रोकड़ में बदलना cashed cashed
72 cause  कारण होना caused caused
73 cease  बन्द करना ceased ceased
74 celebrate  उत्सव मनाना celebrated celebrated
75 challenge  चुनौति देना challenged challenged
76 change सुधरना changed changed
77 charge  जिम्मेदारी charged charged
78 chase पीछे लगना chased chased
79 chat  बात करना chatted chatted
80 check जाँचना checked checked
81 cheer  हर्षित करना cheered cheered
82 chew  चबाना chewed chewed
83 chip  चिप्स काटना chipped chipped
84 choke जाम होना choked choked
85 classify  वर्गीकरण करना classified classified
86 clean  धोना cleaned cleaned
87 click  क्लिक करना clicked clicked
88 climb  चड़ना climbed climbed
89 close करीब closed closed
90 clutch  पकड़ना clutched clutched
91 collapse  सिमटना collapsed collapsed
92 collect  वसूल करना collected collected
93 colour  रंग बदलना coloured coloured
94 comment टिप्पणी करना commented commented
95 compare तुलना compared compared
96 compel मजबूर करना compelled compelled
97 compete बराबरी करना competed competed
98 complain  शिकायत करना complained complained
99 complete  सम्पूर्ण  completed completed
100 conclude  समाप्त होना concluded concluded
101 conduct संचालन करना conducted conducted
102 confess  कबूल करना confessed confessed
103 confine  सीमीत रखना confined confined
104 confiscate  ज़ब्त करना confiscated confiscated
105 confuse उलझा देना confused confused
106 congratulate  बधाई देना congratulated congratulated
107 connect  संबंध जोड़ना connected connected
108 connote  संकेत होना connoted connoted
109 conquer  परास्त करना conquered conquered
110 consecrate  अर्पण करना consecrated consecrated
111 consent  राजी होना consented consented
112 conserve  सुरक्षित रखना conserved conserved
113 consider  समझना considered considered
114 consign भेजना consigned consigned
115 consist शामिल होना consisted consisted
116 console  सान्त्वना देना consoled consoled
117 consort  मेल करना consorted consorted
118 conspire  षड्यंत्र करना  conspired conspired
119 constitute  गठित करना constituted constituted
120 constrain बाधित करना constrained constrained
121 construct  बनाना  constructed constructed
122 construe अर्थ करना construed construed
123 consult  विचार विमर्श करना consulted consulted
124 contain  होना contained contained
125 contemn अवहेलना contemned contemned
126 contend  संघर्ष करना contended contended
127 contest  बहस करना contested contested
128 continue जारी रखना continued continued
129 contract  इक़रार contracted contracted
130 contradict  विपरीत होना contradicted contradicted
131 contrast  फर्क दिखाना contrasted contrasted
132 contribute  योगदान देना contributed contributed
133 contrive  बनाना contrived contrived
134 control  क़ाबू में रहना  controlled controlled
135 convene  एकत्र करना convened convened
136 converge  अभिसरित होना converged converged
137 converse वार्तालाप करना conversed conversed
138 convert  बदलना converted converted
139 convey  ले जाना  conveyed conveyed
140 convict  दोषी सिद्ध करना convicted convicted
141 convince राजी करना convinced convinced
142 coo गुटरगूँ गुटरगूँ करना  cooed cooed
143 cook  पकाना cooked cooked
144 cool ठण्डा करना cooled cooled
145 co-operate सहयोग co-operated co-operated
146 copy  नक़ल करना  copied copied
147 correct शुद्ध corrected corrected
148 correspond पत्र व्यवहार होना  corresponded corresponded
149 corrode  संक्षारित होना corroded corroded
150 corrupt  भ्रष्ट हो जाना corrupted corrupted
151 cough खाँसना/खखारना coughed coughed
152 counsel सुझाव देना counselled counselled
153 count गिनना counted counted
154 course  शिकार करना coursed coursed
155 cover  संभोग करना,  छुपाना covered covered
156 cower  दुबक जाना cowered cowered
157 crack  टूटना cracked cracked
158 crackle  चिड़चिड़ाना crackled crackled
159 crash  खराब होना crashed crashed
160 crave  याचना करना craved craved
161 create निर्माण करना created created
162 crib पालना  cribbed cribbed
163 cross  पार करना crossed crossed
164 crowd  भीड़ लगाना crowded crowded
165 crush  दबाना crushed crushed
166 cry  रोना cried cried
167 curb  नियंत्रण रखना curbed curbed
168 cure  ठीक करना cured cured
169 curve मुड़ना curved curved
170 cycle साइकिल चलाना cycled cycled
171 damage  क्षति पहुँजाना damaged damaged
172 damp कम करना damped damped
173 dance  नाचना danced danced
174 dare प्रयत्न करना dared dared
175 dash  ठोकर dashed dashed
176 dazzle  चकित होना dazzled dazzled
177 decay सड़ना decayed decayed
178 decide  निश्चित करना decided decided
179 declare घोषित करना declared declared
180 decorate  सजाना decorated decorated
181 decrease  घटना decreased decreased
182 dedicate  समर्पित करना  dedicated dedicated
183 delay  देर करना delayed delayed
184 delete  मिटा देना  deleted deleted
185 deny  इन्कार करना denied denied
186 depend  निर्भर होना depended depended
187 deprive  वंचित करना deprived deprived
188 derive  उत्पन्न होना derived derived
189 describe बयान करना described described
190 desire चाहना desired desired
191 destroy  विनाश करना destroyed destroyed
192 detach  अलग होना detached detached
193 detect  पता लगाना detected detected
194 determine  तय करना determined determined
195 develop  विकसित करना developed developed
196 die  मरना died died
197 differ  भिन्न होना differed differed
198 digest  पचना digested digested
199 dim  हल्का dimmed dimmed
200 diminish  कम करना diminished diminished
201 dine  भोजन करना dined dined
202 dip  डुबाना dipped dipped
203 direct  मार्ग दिखाना directed directed
204 disappear  गायब होना  disappeared disappeared
205 discover  ढूंढ निकालना discovered discovered
206 discuss  विचार करना discussed discussed
207 disobey आज्ञा न मानना disobeyed disobeyed
208 display  प्रदर्शित करना displayed displayed
209 dispose  सजाना  disposed disposed
210 distribute वितरण करना distributed distributed
211 disturb  परेशान करना disturbed disturbed
212 disuse अप्रचार disused disused
213 dive  गोता लगाना dived  dived
214 divide  बाँटना divided divided
215 donate  दान करना donated donated
216 download  डाउनलोड करना downloaded downloaded
217 drag  खींच कर लाना dragged dragged
218 dress  कपड़े पहनना dressed dressed
219 drill  छेद करना  drilled drilled
220 drop  छोड़ना dropped dropped
221 dry  सूखना dried dried
222 dump  छोड़ देना dumped dumped
223 dye  रंग करना dyed dyed
224 earn  कमाना earned earned
225 educate  पढाना educated educated
226 empower  अधिकार देना empowered empowered
227 empty  निकालना emptied emptied
228 encircle  घेरना encircled encircled
229 encourage  हिम्मत बढाना encouraged encouraged
230 encroach  अनधिकार प्रवेश करना encroached encroached
231 endanger  खतरे में डालना endangered endangered
232 endorse  समर्थन करना endorsed endorsed
233 endure सहना endured endured
234 engrave  उत्कीर्ण करना engraved engraved
235 enjoy  आनंद लेना enjoyed enjoyed
236 enlarge बड़ा करना enlarged enlarged
237 enlighten  जानकारी देना  enlightened enlightened
238 enter घुसना entered entered
239 envy  ईर्ष्या करना  envied envied
240 erase  निकाल देना erased erased
241 escape  भाग जाना escaped escaped
242 evaporate  वाष्पित कर देना evaporated evaporated
243 exchange  विनिमय करना  exchanged exchanged
244 exclaim चिल्लाकर कहना exclaimed exclaimed
245 exclude  छोड़ना excluded excluded
246 exist  अस्तित्व होना existed existed
247 expand  विस्तार करना expanded expanded
248 expect  उम्मीद रखना expected expected
249 explain समझाना explained explained
250 explore  खोज करना explored explored
251 express  इज़हार expressed expressed
252 extend  बढ़ाना extended extended
253 eye  नज़र रखना eyed eyed
254 face  सामना करना faced faced
255 fail  नाकाम होना failed failed
256 faint  बेहोश होना fainted fainted
257 fan  पंखा चलाना fanned fanned
258 fancy  कल्पना करना fancied fancied
259 favour साथ देना favoured favoured
260 fax  फैक्स करना faxed faxed
261 ferry  पार उतारना ferried ferried
262 fetch  जाकर लाना fetched fetched
263 fill  भरना filled filled
264 finish  खतम करना finished finished
265 fish मछली पकड़ना fished fished
266 fix  निश्चय करना fixed fixed
267 fizz सनसनाना  fizzed fizzed
268 flap लहराना flapped flapped
269 flash  मुस्काना flashed flashed
270 float  उड़ाना floated floated
271 flop  पूरी तरह असफल होना flopped flopped
272 fold  मोड़ना folded folded
273 follow  अनुकरण करना followed followed
274 force  मजबूर करना  forced forced
275 form  सीखना formed formed
276 found  स्थापना करना founded founded
277 frame  विकसीत करना framed framed
278 free  मुक्त करना freed freed
279 frighten  भयभीत करना frightened frightened
280 fry तलना fried fried
281 fulfil  पूरा करना fulfilled fulfilled
282 gag  प्रतिबंध लगाना gagged gagged
283 gain  कमाना gained gained
284 gash  गहरा घाव करना gashed gashed
285 gaze  घूरना gazed gazed
286 glance  सरसरी नजर glanced glanced
287 glitter  चमकना glittered glittered
288 glow  प्रफुल्लित होना glowed glowed
289 govern  संचालित करना governed governed
290 grab  पकड़ना grabbed grabbed
291 grade  श्रेणीकरण करना graded graded
292 grant स्वीकार करना granted granted
293 greet  प्रणाम करना greeted greeted
294 grip  कसकर पकड़ना gripped gripped
295 guard  रक्षा करना guarded guarded
296 guess  अंदाजा लगाना guessed guessed
297 guide संचालन करना guided guided
298 handle  सँभालना handled handled
299 happen  घटित होना happened happened
300 harm  अहित  harmed harmed
301 hatch अंडे से बच्चा निकलना hatched hatched
302 hate  घृणा करना hated hated
303 heal  स्वस्थ होना healed healed
304 help  मदद करना helped helped
305 hew  कुल्हाडी से काटना hewed hewn
306 hinder  बाधा डालना hindered hindered
307 hiss  फुफकार कर कहना hissed hissed
308 hoax  मजाक के तौर पर झाँसा देना hoaxed hoaxed
309 hop  कूदना hopped hopped
310 hope उम्मीद करना hoped hoped
311 horrify आतंकित करना horrified horrified
312 hug  सीने से लगाना  hugged hugged
313 hum  गुनगुनाना hummed hummed
314 humiliate  अपमानित करना humiliated humiliated
315 hunt तलाश करना  hunted hunted
316 hurl जोर से चिल्लाना hurled hurled
317 hurry  जल्दी में करना hurried hurried
318 hush  चुप हो जाना hushed hushed
319 hustle धक्का देना hustled hustled
320 hypnotize  सम्मोहित करना hypnotized hypnotized
321 idealize  आदर्श रूप में प्रस्तुत करना idealized idealized
322 identify  पहचानना  identified identified
323 idolize  पूजा करना idolized idolized
324 ignite  सुलग़ना ignited ignited
325 ignore  नजर अंदाज करना ignored ignored
326 ill-treat  दुर्व्यवहार करना ill-treated ill-treated
327 illuminate  उजाला करना illuminated illuminated
328 illustrate  व्यख्या करना illustrated illustrated
329 imagine  कल्पना करना imagined imagined
330 imbibe  आत्मसात करना imbibed imbibed
331 imitate  नक़ल करना imitated imitated
332 immerse  डुबाना immersed immersed
333 immolate  कुर्बानी देना immolated immolated
334 immure  बंद करना immured immured
335 impair  विकृत करना impaired impaired
336 impart  प्रदान करना  imparted imparted
337 impeach  महाभियोग लग़ाना impeached impeached
338 impede  अटकाना impeded impeded
339 impel  धकेलना impelled impelled
340 impend निकट होना impended impended
341 imperil  जोखिम में डालना imperilled imperilled
342 impinge अतिक्रमण करना impinged impinged
343 implant  विकसित होना  implanted implanted
344 implicate  की ओर इशारा करना implicated implicated
345 implode  अंतः विस्फोट होना imploded imploded
346 implore  प्रार्थना करना implored implored
347 imply  का अर्थ होना implied implied
348 import आयात करना imported imported
349 impose  लागू करना imposed imposed
350 impress  प्रभाव डालना impressed impressed
351 imprint  अंकित होना imprinted imprinted
352 imprison  क़ैद करना imprisoned imprisoned
353 improve  बेहतर बनाना improved improved
354 inaugurate  उद्घाटन करना inaugurated inaugurated
355 incise  उत्कीर्ण करना incised incised
356 include  शामिल करना included included
357 increase  आगे बढ़ाना increased increased
358 inculcate  मन में बिठाना inculcated inculcated
359 indent  जगह छोड़ कर लिखना indented indented
360 indicate  इशारा करना indicated indicated
361 induce  राज़ी करना induced induced
362 indulge  मौज मस्ती करना indulged indulged
363 infect प्रदूषित करना infected infected
364 infest सताना  infested infested
365 inflame  प्रज्वलित करना inflamed inflamed
366 inflate  फुलाना inflated inflated
367 inflect  शब्दरूप बदलना inflected inflected
368 inform सूचित informed informed
369 infringe  उल्लंघन करना infringed infringed
370 infuse भर देना infused infused
371 ingest  खिलाना ingested ingested
372 inhabit  बसना inhabited inhabited
373 inhale साँस खींचना inhaled inhaled
374 inherit  वंशानुक्रम से पाना inherited inherited
375 initiate  शुरू करना initiated initiated
376 inject  सुई लगाना injected injected
377 injure  ज़ख़्मी करना injured injured
378 innovate नव परिवर्तन लाना innovated innovated
379 inquire  पता लगाना inquired inquired
380 inscribe  उत्किर्ण करना inscribed inscribed
381 insert  प्रविष्ट करना inserted inserted
382 inspect  निरीक्षण करना inspected inspected
383 inspire  प्रेरित करना inspired inspired
384 install  बैठाना installed installed
385 insult  अपमान करना insulted insulted
386 insure  सुरक्षित करना insured insured
387 integrate जोड़ना integrated integrated
388 introduce परिचय कराना introduced introduced
389 invent  आविष्कार करना invented invented
390 invite  आमंत्रित करना invited invited
391 join  पदभार ग्रहण करना joined joined
392 jump  कूदना jumped jumped
393 justify कारण दिखाना justified justified
394 kick  लात मारना kicked kicked
395 kid  मजाक करना kidded kidded
396 kill  मार डालना killed killed
397 kiss  चूमना kissed kissed
398 knock  खटखटाना knocked knocked
399 land  जमीन landed landed
400 last  चलते रहना lasted lasted
401 latch  सिटकिनी लगाना latched latched
402 laugh ह्ँसना  laughed laughed
403 leak  रिसना leaked leaked
404 leer  बुरी नज़र से देखना leered leered
405 lick  चाटना licked licked
406 lie  झूठ बोलना lied lied
407 lift  उठाना lifted lifted
408 like  पसंद होना liked liked
409 limp  लंगडाना limped limped
410 listen  सुनना listened listened
411 live  रहना lived lived
412 look  देखना looked looked
413 love  प्यार करना loved loved
414 magnify बढ़ा चढ़ा कर कहना magnified magnified
415 maintain  बनाए रखना maintained maintained
416 manage  प्रबंध करना managed managed
417 march  कूच करना marched marched
418 mark  लक्ष्य करना marked marked
419 marry  विवाह करना married married
420 mash  कुचलना mashed mashed
421 match  बराबर होना matched matched
422 measure  मापना measured measured
423 melt पिघलना melted melted
424 merge  मिलाना merged merged
425 mew म्याऊँ करना mewed mewed
426 migrate  प्रवास करना migrated migrated
427 milk  दूध निकालना milked milked
428 mind  आपत्ति करना minded minded
429 miss  कमी महसूस करना missed missed
430 misuse  दुरुपयोग करना misused misused
431 mix  मिला देना mixed mixed
432 moan कराहना moaned moaned
433 modify  सुधारना modified modified
434 moo  रँभाना mooed mooed
435 motivate  प्रेरित करना motivated motivated
436 mould  ढालना moulded moulded
437 moult  निर्मोचन करना  moulted moulted
438 move  हट्ना moved moved
439 multiply  वृद्धि करना multiplied multiplied
440 murmur  बड़बड़ाना murmured murmured
441 nail  पकड़ना  nailed nailed
442 nap  झपकी लेना napped napped
443 need  जरूरत होना needed needed
444 neglect  उपेक्षा करना neglected neglected
445 nip  चिकोटी काटना nipped nipped
446 nod  सिर हिलाना nodded nodded
447 note  ध्यान देना noted noted
448 notice  ध्यान देना noticed noticed
449 notify  सूचित करना notified notified
450 nourish पोषित करना nourished nourished
451 nurse  सेवा करना nursed nursed
452 obey आज्ञापालन करना  obeyed obeyed
453 oblige  आभारी होना obliged obliged
454 observe  देखना observed observed
455 obstruct  बंद कर देना obstructed obstructed
456 obtain  प्राप्त करना obtained obtained
457 occupy  ग्रहण करना occupied occupied
458 occur  घटित होना occurred occurred
459 offer  पेश करना offered offered
460 omit  छोड़ देना omitted omitted
461 ooze  टपकाना oozed oozed
462 open  उद्घाटन करना opened opened
463 operate  चलाना operated operated
464 opine  राय होना opined opined
465 oppress  दमन करना oppressed oppressed
466 opt चुनना opted opted
467 optimize  आशावादी होना optimized optimized
468 order  हुक्म  ordered ordered
469 organize  संगठित होना organized organized
470 originate आरम्भ करना originated originated
471 overflow  उपर से बहना overflowed overflowed
472 owe  आभारी होना owed owed
473 own  अपनाना owned owned
474 pacify  शांति स्थापित करना pacified pacified
475 paint  बनाना painted painted
476 pardon  माफ़ी  pardoned pardoned
477 part अलग होना parted parted
478 participate  भागीदार होना participated participated
479 pass  उत्तीर्ण होना passed passed
480 paste  चिपकाना pasted pasted
481 pat  थपथपाना patted patted
482 patch  पट्टी patched patched
483 pause  ठहरना paused paused
484 peep  ताक झांक करना peeped peeped
485 perish खत्म हो जाना perished perished
486 permit  इजाज़त permitted permitted
487 persuade  मनाना  persuaded persuaded
488 phone  फ़ोन करना phoned phoned
489 place  लगाना placed placed
490 plan योजना planned planned
491 play  निभाना played played
492 please  प्रसन्न करना pleased pleased
493 plod परिश्रम से चलना plodded plodded
494 plot  रूप रेखा बनाना plotted plotted
495 pluck  तोडना plucked plucked
496 ply  आना जाना plied plied
497 point  दिखाना pointed pointed
498 polish  रोगन करना polished polished
499 pollute  दूषित करना polluted polluted
500 ponder  विचार करना  pondered pondered
501 pour  मूसलधार बरसना poured poured
502 pout  मुँह फुलाना pouted pouted
503 practise  अभ्यास करना practised practised
504 praise  प्रशंसा praised praised
505 pray  प्रार्थना करना  prayed prayed
506 preach  प्रवचन देना preached preached
507 prefer  पसंद करना preferred preferred
508 prepare  तैयार करना prepared prepared
509 prescribe नुस्खा लिखना prescribed prescribed
510 present  भेट करना presented presented
511 preserve  बचाना preserved preserved
512 preside  संचालन करना presided presided
513 press  मजबूर करना pressed pressed
514 pretend  बहाना करना pretended pretended
515 prevent  रोकना prevented prevented
516 print मुद्राँकन करना printed printed
517 proceed  आगे बढना proceeded proceeded
518 produce  रचना करना  produced produced
519 progress  बढ़ना progressed progressed
520 prohibit  मना करना prohibited prohibited
521 promise वादा करना promised promised
522 propose प्रस्ताव रखना proposed proposed
523 prosecute  अभियोग लगाना prosecuted prosecuted
524 protect  सुरक्षित करना protected protected
525 prove  साबित करना proved proved
526 provide  उपलब्ध कराना provided provided
527 pull खींचना pulled pulled
528 punish  दण्ड देना punished punished
529 purify शुद्ध करना purified purified
530 push धकेलना pushed pushed
531 qualify  योग्य बनना qualified qualified
532 quarrel  हाथापाई करना quarrelled quarrelled
533 question  सवाल करना questioned questioned
534 race  दौड़ लगाना raced raced
535 rain  बारिश होना rained rained
536 rattle  खड़खड़ाना rattled rattled
537 reach पहुँचना reached reached
538 realize  समझना  realized realized
539 recall  फिर बुलाना recalled recalled
540 receive  प्राप्त करना received received
541 recite  व्याख्यान करना recited recited
542 recognize  स्वीकार करना recognized recognized
543 recollect याद करना recollected recollected
544 recur  बार बार आना recurred recurred
545 reduce  कम करना reduced reduced
546 refer संकेत करना referred referred
547 reflect  दर्शाना  reflected reflected
548 refuse  इन्कार करना refused refused
549 regard  समझना regarded regarded
550 regret खेद होना regretted regretted
551 relate  संबंध रखना related related
552 relax शांत हो जाना relaxed relaxed
553 rely  निर्भर करना relied relied
554 remain  बाकी रहना remained remained
555 remove  हटाना removed removed
556 renew  नए सिरे से बनाना renewed renewed
557 renounce  छोड़ देना renounced renounced
558 repair  मरम्मत करना repaired repaired
559 repeat  दोहराना repeated repeated
560 replace  स्थान लेना  replaced replaced
561 reply  जवाब देना  replied replied
562 report  सूचना  reported reported
563 request  विनती करना requested requested
564 resemble समान होना resembled resembled
565 resist  विरोध करना  resisted resisted
566 resolve  हल करना resolved resolved
567 respect  इज्जत करना respected respected
568 rest  आराम करना rested rested
569 restrain  रोकना restrained restrained
570 retain  बनाये रखना retained retained
571 retch  उबकाई आना retched retched
572 retire  सेवा निवृत्त होना retired retired
573 return  लौटना returned returned
574 reuse  पुनर्प्रयोग  reused reused
575 review  समीक्षा करना reviewed reviewed
576 roar  दहाड़ना roared roared
577 rob  डाका डालना robbed robbed
578 roll  बेलना rolled rolled
579 rot  सड़ना rotted rotted
580 rub  रगड़ना rubbed rubbed
581 rule  हुकुमत करना ruled ruled
582 rush  जल्दबाज़ी करना rushed rushed
583 sabotage  बिगाड़ना sabotaged sabotaged
584 sack लूटना  sacked sacked
585 sacrifice  बलिदान करना sacrificed sacrificed
586 sadden  दुखी होना saddened saddened
587 saddle  लाद देना saddled saddled
588 sag  झुकना sagged sagged
589 sail  रवाना होना sailed sailed
590 sally  निकलना sallied sallied
591 salute  सलाम करना saluted saluted
592 salvage  बचाना salvaged salvaged
593 salve  मलहम salved salved
594 sample चखना sampled sampled
595 sanctify पवित्र करना sanctified sanctified
596 sanction  मंज़ूर करना sanctioned sanctioned
597 sap  ज़मीन खोदना sapped sapped
598 saponify  साबुनीकरण करना saponified saponified
599 sashay  तिरछा चलना sashayed sashayed
600 sate  सन्तुष्ट करना sated sated
601 satiate  संतृप्त करना satiated satiated
602 satirise  उपहास करना  satirised satirised
603 satisfy  सन्तुष्ट करना satisfied satisfied
604 saturate  गीला कर देना,  भरा होना saturated saturated
605 saunter  चहलना sauntered sauntered
606 save  बचाना saved saved
607 savor  का स्वाद लेना savored savored
608 scab  पपड़ी पड़ जाना scabbed scabbed
609 scabble  टटोलना scabbled scabbled
610 scald  गरम करना/उबालना scalded scalded
611 scale  पैमाना scaled scaled
612 scam  धोखा देना scammed scammed
613 scan  बारीकी से देखना scanned scanned
614 scant  अपर्याप्त scanted scanted
615 scar  दाग पड़ना scarred scarred
616 scare  डरना scared scared
617 scarify खरोंचना scarified scarified
618 scarp निकाल देना scarped scarped
619 scat भागना scatted scatted
620 scatter  तितर बितर होना scattered scattered
621 scold  डाँटना scolded scolded
622 scorch  जलना scorched scorched
623 scowl  त्योरी चढ़ा कर देखना scowled scowled
624 scrawl घसीट कर लिखना scrawled scrawled
625 scream  चिल्लाना screamed screamed
626 screw  संभोग करना,  धोका देना screwed screwed
627 scrub रगड़ कर साफ़ करना  scrubbed scrubbed
628 search  ढ़ूँढ़ना searched searched
629 seat  बैठ जाना seated seated
630 secure  मजबूत secured secured
631 seem  प्रतीत होना seemed seemed
632 seize  ज़ब्त करना seized seized
633 select चुनना selected selected
634 sentence  लेखन sentenced sentenced
635 separate  अलग होना  separated separated
636 sever  काटना severed severed
637 shape  प्रभावित करना shaped shaped
638 share  बताना  shared shared
639 shatter  चूर चूर कर देना shattered shattered
640 shirk  टालना shirked shirked
641 shiver  काँपना shivered shivered
642 shock  आश्चर्यचकित कर देना shocked shocked
643 shorten  छोटा करना shortened shortened
644 shout पुकारना shouted shouted
645 shun बचना  shunned shunned
646 sight  देखना sighted sighted
647 signal  इशारा करना signalled signalled
648 signify  सूचित करना signified signified
649 skid  फिसलना skidded skidded
650 slam  कटु आलोचना करना slammed slammed
651 slip  फ़िसलना slipped slipped
652 smash  पराजित करना smashed smashed
653 smile  मुस्कराना smiled smiled
654 smooth  आसान बना देना smoothed smoothed
655 smother  दम घोंट कर मार डालना smothered smothered
656 snap  टूटना snapped snapped
657 snatch  छीनना snatched snatched
658 sneeze  छींकना sneezed sneezed
659 sniff  सूंघना sniffed sniffed
660 soar बहुत वृद्धि होना  soared soared
661 sob  सुबकना sobbed sobbed
662 solicit  भड़काना solicited solicited
663 solve  हल करना solved solved
664 soothe  शान्त करना  soothed soothed
665 sort छाँटना sorted sorted
666 sow बोना sowed sowed
667 sparkle उत्साह से भरा होना  sparkled sparkled
668 spray  छिड़कना sprayed sprayed
669 sprout अंकुरित होना  sprouted sprouted
670 squeeze  निचोड़ना squeezed squeezed
671 stare  घूरना stared stared
672 start  शुरू होना  started started
673 state  बताना stated stated
674 stay  रुकना stayed stayed
675 steep  खड़ा steeped steeped
676 stem  डंठल निकलना stemmed stemmed
677 step  चलना stepped stepped
678 sterilize  रोगाणुरहित करना sterilized sterilized
679 stimulate  प्रोत्साहित करना  stimulated stimulated
680 stir  हिलाना stirred stirred
681 stitch सिलाई करना stitched stitched
682 stoop  सिर झुकाना stooped stooped
683 stop  रुकना stopped stopped
684 store  संग्रह करना stored stored
685 strain पूरा ज़ोर लगाना strained strained
686 stray  अलग रहना  strayed strayed
687 stress  ज़ोर देना  stressed stressed
688 stretch  खींचना stretched stretched
689 study  पढना  studied studied
690 submit जमा submitted submitted
691 subscribe  ग्राहक बनाना subscribed subscribed
692 subtract  घटाना subtracted subtracted
693 succeed सफल होना succeeded succeeded
694 suck  सोखना sucked sucked
695 suffer  सहन करना suffered suffered
696 suggest  बतलाना suggested suggested
697 summon  बुलाना summoned summoned
698 supply उपलब्ध कराना supplied supplied
699 support  सम्भालना supported supported
700 suppose  मानना supposed supposed
701 surge  तेज़ी से चढ़ना surged surged
702 surmise  अंदाज़ लगाना surmised surmised
703 surpass मात देना surpassed surpassed
704 surround  घेरे हुए होना surrounded surrounded
705 survey  अवलोकन करना surveyed surveyed
706 survive  जीवित रहना survived survived
707 swallow  निगलना swallowed swallowed
708 sway  प्रभावित करना swayed swayed
709 swot  कठिन परिश्रम करना swotted swotted
710 talk  बोलना talked talked
711 tap  हल्का धक्का देना tapped tapped
712 taste  चखना tasted tasted
713 tax  कर लगाना taxed taxed
714 tempt  आकर्षित करना tempted tempted
715 tend होना tended tended
716 terminate  समाप्त करना terminated terminated
717 terrify  डरना terrified terrified
718 test  परीक्षा करना tested tested
719 thank  शुक्रिया करना  thanked thanked
720 thump  धमाके की आवाज़ करना thumped thumped
721 tie धागा tied tied
722 tire  थक जाना tired tired
723 toss  सिक्का उछालना tossed tossed
724 touch  छूना touched touched
725 train  शिक्षा देना trained trained
726 trample  कुचलना trampled trampled
727 transfer  स्थानान्तरित करना transferred transferred
728 transform रूपांतरित करना transformed transformed
729 translate  अनुवाद करना translated translated
730 trap  फंदा trapped trapped
731 travel  घूमना travelled travelled
732 treasure  खजाना treasured treasured
733 treat  बरताव करना treated treated
734 tree  पेड़ लगाना treed treed
735 tremble घबराना trembled trembled
736 triumph खुशी से पागल होना triumphed triumphed
737 trust  भरोसा करना trusted trusted
738 try  कोशिश करना tried tried
739 turn  पलटना turned turned
740 type  टंकित करना typed typed
741 uproot  उखाड़ना uprooted uprooted
742 urge  बहुत जोर देना urged urged
743 use  इस्तेमाल करना used used
744 utter  कहना uttered uttered
745 value  मोल लगाना valued valued
746 vanish समाप्त हो जाना vanished vanished
747 vary  घटना बढना varied varied
748 verify जाँचना verified verified
749 vex  चिढ़ होना vexed vexed
750 vie प्रतिस्पर्धा करना  vied vied
751 view देखना viewed viewed
752 violate  उल्लंघन करना violated violated
753 vomit  उलटी करना vomited vomited
754 walk  चलना walked walked
755 wander  भटकना wandered wandered
756 want चाहना wanted wanted
757 warn  चेतावनी देना warned warned
758 waste गँवाना wasted wasted
759 watch ध्यान रखना watched watched
760 water पानी देना watered watered
761 wave  लहराना waved waved
762 wax मोम लगाना waxed waxed
763 weigh वजन करना weighed weighed
764 welcome स्वागत करना welcomed welcomed
765 whip लपकना whipped whipped
766 whisper फुसफुसाना whispered whispered
767 wish चाहना wished wished
768 work करना worked worked
769 worry चिंता करना worried worried
770 worship पूजा करना worshipped worshipped
771 yawn अंगड़ाई लेना yawned yawned
772 yell चिल्लाना yelled yelled
773 yield बताना yielded yielded
774 zinc  जस्ता चढ़ाना zincked zincked
775 zoom तेज़ी से बढ़ना zoomed zoomed

A verb is a part of speech in English grammar and various other languages. It is a word that describes an action, occurrence, or state of being. Verbs are one of the nine parts of speech and are essential in constructing sentences. They are often the main words in sentences, indicating what the subject of the sentence is doing or the action taking place.

Verbs can express different tenses, moods, voices, and aspects to convey when an action is happening, whether it’s a continuous or completed action, and the attitude or intention of the speaker. For example, in the sentence “She is reading a book,” the verb “is reading” indicates a present continuous action. In the sentence “He will eat dinner,” the verb “will eat” indicates a future action.

Verbs are a fundamental component of language and play a crucial role in sentence structure, allowing us to communicate actions and states effectively.

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